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Soy Checkoff and DEWALT’s new soy-based bar-and-chain oil

U.S. Soy has found a new use as a biobased oil for chainsaws. Through a research and development investment from the soy checkoff program, U.S. soybean farmers partnered with DEWALT and Dynamic Green Products to create DEWALT’s soy-based Bar & Chain Biodegradable Oil.

This environmentally friendly product is now available at Home Depot stores nationwide. It can also be found online on platforms like Bomgaars, Mac Tools, Grainger, and Amazon, making it easily accessible for consumers and farmers.

“It’s exciting to see the checkoff investment in this bar-and-chain oil pay dividends as it becomes widely available to more farmers and professionals who care for parks, forests, and more,” said Steve Reinhard, United Soybean Board chair and soybean farmer from Ohio. “This oil is yet another example of U.S. Soy delivering performance and sustainability benefits.”

This USB initiative, in collaboration with DGP, is part of a strategic partnership with the Airable Research Lab, a division of the Ohio Soybean Council focused on introducing sustainable soy solutions in 2024. Fifth-generation farmer Bret Davis, who cultivates soybeans, corn, and wheat in Delaware County, Ohio, expresses his interest in being an early adopter of the product.

“It’s really pretty simple: if you grow it, you should use it,” said Davis. “I’m proud to be part of the Ohio Soybean Council, which invested in the development of this high-performing, sustainable bar-and-chain oil that I’m now using on my farm. It works great in my battery-powered chain saw, which I use to clear downed trees and for general cleanup around the farm and fields. It lasts a long time and has excellent lubricating properties.”

The soy-based bar-and-chain oil has gained widespread acclaim among professionals, highlighting its high performance as a sustainable option. Buckin’ Billy Ray Smith, known for his adventures on the History Channel’s “Ax Men” series and YouTube, said that after he gave it a trial, the 30-year-old veteran of logging and tree falling was instantly impressed with it.

“I found the soy-based oil so clean and easy to work with, and it has just the right amount of tack,” said Smith, who has tested almost every bar-and-chain oil on the market. “Now it’s the only thing I use, including in my vintage saws. It’s also better for the environment, especially in sensitive areas around watersheds, and for workers who get the oil on their hands and breathe it in.”

“I’m concerned about the environment, what’s on my body, and what’s left behind. It’s a wonderful option that’s more sustainable and better for workers,” Smith shares.

More information about soy-based products can be found at here. To find the oil at Home Depot, search these product numbers: DXCC1200 (16oz), DXCC1201 (32oz), and DXCC1202 (1gal).

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