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About Us

Lab Capabilities

Airable Research Lab is equipped to research and develop new products that utilize soy-based feedstocks to solve industrial and consumer challenges. We design and develop new products based on key performance indicators provided by clients.


Our laboratory provides a range of synthesis, formulation, and analytical capabilities:

  • Synthesis capabilities include condensation and emulsion polymerization, esterification, and epoxidation reactions. The laboratory can produce multikilogram-scale samples for customer evaluation using batch reactors with varying scales.

  • Formulation capabilities address a variety of application development projects, including coatings, adhesives, sealants, cleaning products, and cosmetics. Our laboratory has mixing equipment that handles diverse viscosity and particle sizes to meet desired product performance.

  • Analytical capabilities include GC-MS, SEM, NMR, IR, Raman, and fluorescence spectroscopy. 

Airable Research Lab leverages its intellectual property and utilizes other tools to accelerate the research and development process.

R&D 100 Awards
10 Winning Inventions
Market Successes
7 Licensed Products
R&D Experience
70 Years

Soy State Partners

Airable is a business line of the Ohio Soybean Council, a qualified state soybean board (QSSB) that collects funds from Ohio soybean farmers and uses those funds to benefit the industry. Five QSSBs have partnered with Airable to accelerate soy-based industrial and consumer product research and development.

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